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The number of abuse cases in major cities of India has been increasing rapidly. There are many reasons for people to become victims of abuse such as pleasure seeking behavior, family problems & modern lifestyle. Many individuals also initially do or consume alcohol to try it, resulting in Jeevan Jyot vyasanmukti kendra to such substances over a period of time.

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We provide a variety of Alternative Rehabilitation treatments and suggest a tailored solution as needed for each patient.

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An AC rehabilitation center could be a facility dedicated to the repair, maintenance, and restoration of air conditioning units. These centers might offer services such as diagnosing issues, cleaning filters, replacing parts, and ensuring optimal performance of air conditioning systems. Additionally, they could provide guidance on energy-efficient practices and advise on when it might be time to upgrade to newer, more efficient models. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of AC units and improve indoor air quality, making such centers valuable for both residential and commercial customers.
AC Vyasan Mukti Kendra appears to be an institution or center related to addiction rehabilitation or cessation in India. “Vyasan Mukti” translates to “freedom from addiction” in Hindi. These centers typically provide various services and therapies to help individuals overcome substance abuse and addiction, often including counseling, detoxification programs, and support groups. If you need more specific information about this center or its services, I can try to help you find it.
“AC Nasha Mukti Kendra” sounds like a center for addiction recovery in India. “Nasha Mukti Kendra” translates to “Addiction Freedom Center” or “Rehabilitation Center” in English. “AC” might refer to “Air Conditioned,” implying a facility with better amenities or comfort for patients undergoing treatment. These centers typically offer various services to help individuals overcome substance abuse, including counseling, therapy, detoxification, and rehabilitation programs. If someone you know is struggling with addiction, seeking help from such a center could be a positive step towards recovery.
Our Mission
  • To provide High Quality Patient care
  • To nurture and create a Hope in the patients and their family members
  • To help them to Heal and Re-build their lives
  • To make them able to take care of themselves and be equipped to Cope with any situation
  • Focus on Growth and a total Change in personality
Our Vision
  • To be a treatment centre of choice for patients
  • Creating awareness about the Mental Illnesses which disintegrates families.
  • To help, heal and create hope for those suffering from chemical dependency and mental illness and their families.
  • Be in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Medical withdrawal with 24/7 care & support.
  • Overcome the root causes of illness.
  • Experienced team of therapists.
  • Personalised improvement programme.
  • Look, feel, sleep better & regain confidence.
  • To help, heal and create hope for those suffering from chemical dependency and mental illness and their families.

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To be honest, it's not only one of the best rehab centers in the city but the best in the country. I would rather say that it is a home away from home. The kind of positive environment they provide you with will definitely lead you towards a easy and very fast recovery. Multiple theparies, 24*7 medical support, best treatments- you name it and they will always be set to help and support you in every possible ways. If you really want to become a better person in life and leave all your bad habits, this is the place you should be searching for. 1
Shekhar Dafare
Shekhar Dafare
I have a nice centar
Manoj Singhhaneya
Manoj Singhhaneya
Good sarcice and nice triment and copreat and 85%very nice reult
Harish Rahangdale
Harish Rahangdale
Very higenic and maintained Rehabilitation center...One of my family member was admitted here and result after full course suggested by the center was fabulous... I would Definitely recommend this center if you want your happiness get settled in you sweet family
vilas dongare
vilas dongare

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